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Huntsville's Secure Storage

Why Off-Site Storage?
* Because of the value of the critical data to your company.

* To insure the ability to recover from a natural or man-made disaster.

* To take advantage of insurance savings.

* To strengthen internal controls:

* Off-Site Storage assures backup is done on a timely basis and it mitigates the problem of a disgruntled employee.

* It's a prudent business decision.

* Remember: Two-thirds of companies experiencing a loss of data..Fail!

* The 1977 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act mandates executive officers to protect data or they can be held personally liable.
About Security Vault, Inc

Security Vault's building is constructed to withstand almost any environmental disaster or malicious aggression.


Structurally, our facility can be compared to Fort Knox. The ceiling, floor, and all exterior walls are built with 12" thick, high-pressure concrete poured around a dense webbing of 1" steel reinforcing bars. Furthermore, we have extended this exceptional strength and integrity to all entrances by installing steel doors, bullet-resistant glass and all access doors are bullet and fire resistant and operated electronically by a Security Vault employee. To gain access in the secured area you must have an account with us.

Security Vault features 24 hour access/365 days a year.

Not only do we provide you with the ultimate protection, but the ultimate in availability.  

Security Vault provides pick-up and delivery

We have company vehicles to transport your property or data assets in a climate controlled environment, 24 hours-a-day, on a regular, scheduled basis, or as the need arises.

Security Vault is temperature and humidity controlled to preserve media, and precautions are taken in the magnetic media vault to prevent the introduction of external static charges.

Boxed paper records, magnetic tapes and discs, or masterworks of priceless art. We eliminate every possible environmental element that can deteriorate or affect your property.


Security Vault features safe deposit boxes ranging from 3" x 5" x 24" to 3' x 4' x 8' closets.


Our safe deposit boxes are accessible 24 hours a day /365 days a year.

Security Vault can provide excellent references.

We operate with the philosophy that we are a service business offering a top notch facility. Our clients will tell you our superior service and reliability are unequaled.

Security Vault is located in a well-kept professional business area, amply lit but inconspicuous.

Our facility is located in a professional business district that is convenient to other businesses.

Security Vault features computerized records management.

Automated records management can provide you with highly detailed inventory and traffic information. We can tell you at a moment's notice exactly where each record is located, when it was filed, and who accessed it last.

Security Vault will consult with you to assist in the design of your disaster recovery plan.

If disaster recovery plans are new to you, our professional staff can help you design one, or we can evaluate your existing one.


Security Vault will deliver your information assets and disaster recovery plan to you at anytime.

Should disaster strike, plans that have not been tested typically do not work. One plan that you can count on is the availability of your property and in formation assets stored with Security Vault. We will employ any means at our disposal to immediately deliver your property. We will also assist you in designing your recovery plan.

Security Vault will let you choose the level of security and control of access to our media.

You decide who has access to your media and when that access is allowed. Our automated Records Management not only tracks and reports access activity, but allows us to know at a glance how you want your property managed.

Security Vault will protect you from vulnerability to sabotage ranging anywhere from a disgruntled employee to acts of terrorism.

Perhaps the only thing worse than learning that someone or some group has maliciously attacked your business and its information assets, is realizing that such action has dealt a devastating blow. No one expects this kind of aggression, but prudent businesses take precautions against it.

Security Vault gives you assurance in preference to insurance, for property and information assets that cannot be replaced.

Insurance is designed to repay you for losses. Security Vault Inc. gives you the assurance that your assets will not be lost.



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